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Choosing Electric Guitar


When confronted with the purchase of a new electric guitar, even experienced guitarists can have trouble deciding what exactly they want and need. However, if you follow a few simple suggestions, you can make your guitar-buying experience a whole lot easier. So, let's take it from the beginning:

  1. Determine your price range: you can spend anywhere from $99 to $20,000+ on a guitar, so make sure to work out your budget before you go into the store or start shopping online. Quality guitars are available at all different price ranges, so don't feel that you have to break the bank to get what you need.

  2. Know what sound you want. This is probably the most important aspect of learning how to buy an electric guitar. Certain guitars are more well-rounded, able to go from blues, to jazz, to rock without skipping a beat. Others are more one-sided, specifically designed for a certain type of music. Listen to some of your favorite guitar sounds on CD or on the radio, then ask a music professional or musician, what type of guitar the guitarist used on the recording. Chances are that they'll be able to direct you toward a guitar that will get you close to the sound you're hearing in your head. You 'll find our article on the various types of guitars can help you on this. Because if you know what style of music you'll primarily be playing, this can also make your selection process a lot easier.

  3. Get something that excites you. Bottom line, if the six-string doesn't light up in your hands, if it just doesn't feel "right" even if it's supposed to be the perfect guitar, then it's not the right one for you. Shop around, both in stores and online, until YOU find the one that's screaming "pick me, pick me!"

Happy hunting!

Guide to online stores for Electric Guitars

Before investing any money in electric guitars, or other musical instruments, have a look at these online guitar stores:

  • Have a look at InstrumentPro's offers on electric guitars They offer free shipping on all items, and they guarantee the lowest prices on the Internet. They'll beat any advertised price! Plus, if your not completely satisfied, simply return your purchase within 30 days of the shipping date of your purchase.
  • Guitars at Here you can shop for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar strings, and every guitar accessory you could ever imagine. Have you ever wondered how to change the pickups of your guitar, or how to get the distortion you want? Just take a look in the resources section! If you're looking for a Gibson electric guitar, they have a special Gibson guitar department. Very professional business.


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